Digital transformation in manufacturing industry brings tremendous benefits for factory operators. The essential part of the industrial 4.0 revolution is connectivity that meanwhile opens up vulnerability for cybersecurity attacks. While manufacturers are pursuing this new wave to ensure operation competitiveness, some have been hit by various forms of security attacks from inside or outside origins. Therefore protect factory operation is an indispensable part of digital transformation process.

  • TMR specializes in working with manufacturers to secure OT environment.
  • eSAF security platform bridges industrial IoT devices, OT equipment to IT security.

As a member company of Nexcom Group [www.nexcom.com.tw], TMR carries a heritage of 30 years wealth of experiences in industrial computing, networking, machine to machine and smart manufacturing solutions to best serve customers needs in protecting OT security.


TMR is an approved supplier for Information Security Solution (能量登錄, category IS3) by Industrial Development Bureau, Department of Economy and a member of ITRI/SecPaas.



eSAF Security Platform

  • Light weight embedded SW
  • HW agnostic
  • Micro-segregation
  • Visibility for host and network monitoring
  • Real time status and alert dashboard
  • Integrated IT and OT events with 3rd party and customer SIEM/SOC

eSAF for Industry 4.0 Security




  • Lagacy SW&HW in production line
  • Lack of well integration between IT&OT network
  • Lack of self-protection ability for equipments, controllers, sensors
  • Lack of integrated mechanisms for security supervisory
  • Lack of war room for OT security visibility



  • Micro-segregation by eSAF
  • Monitoring, diagnosis & protection by eSAF
  • CTI & security events analysis
  • Security dashboard in OT war room


Total Solution of Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

eSAF platform is a part of Nexcom's industry 4.0 smart manufacturing total solution.


Enterprise War Room & Dashboard Integration

OT security information is shown in easy red-yellow-green indicators.


Deployment of Security Sensors

eSAF Security Platform in Diverse Industries

  • Semiconductor fab
  • Frequency components manufacturing
  • 3C & industrial computer manufacturing & industry 4.0 solution
  • CNC manufacturing
  • Automotive components manufacturing
  • Industrial machine & facility manufacturing
  • MLCC manufacturing


CYBERSEC 2020 - Cyber Taiwan Pavilion


About CYBERSEC 2020

CYBERSEC debuted in 2015, is the most significant festival for information security in Taiwan and Asia. In 2020, CYBERSEC grandly opens at Hall 2, Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei City. More than 250 venders from global and Taiwan contribute and demonstrate their innovative products and services. 5000 participants share their thoughts and experiences in 18 forums.


TMR eSAF Security Platform Featured in Taiwan CYBERSEC 2020


Demonstration -
Production Field Monitoring & Protection

eSAF integrated in the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system developed by FFG (Fair Friend Group) & Nexcom and to protect robots & CNC machines from hacker's attacks.


Cyber Taiwan Pavilion @ CYBERSEC 2020

President Tsai led government elites attending Taiwan Cybersec 2020.

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